Infinite Banking Simplified

Infinite Banking, Privatized Banking, Bank on Yourself, Cash Flow Banking, Simplified.

An infinite banking policy is an economic vehicle that supports financial growth. It is the creation of a personal bank within an over-funded life insurance policy that enables:

  • Dramatic year-to-year gains in value (averaging 10+%).
  • Borrowing at an average of a negative 5% interest.
  • Protecting your money from gain-based taxes, creditor demands, judgments, liens, and lawsuits.
  • Tax-free retirement.
  • Building a legacy to leave behind.
  • Premature Death & Illness protection.
  • Your money has multiple jobs as your personal “Bank” creating currency velocity (working for you on multiple fronts at the same time.)

For a much more detailed explanation, go to: Infinite Banking In All Its Glory

Are You A Candidate for Privatized Infinite Banking?