“Life Insurance Safe Zone” 5-Step Process

StepMelClient  Details
1)UnderstandShareThe first step in finding a possible solution is to understand the problem. I need to understand what the client’s current circumstances are and what the desired outcome is before we can talk about possible solutions.
2)EducateLearnIt’s essential for the client to grasp and understand the various policy options, including their advantages and disadvantages. Even if the client initially seeks a term policy, I will provide them with a comprehensive overview of all the available policy types. It’s possible that the initially requested term policy may not align with the client’s optimal insurance needs.
3)SolutionsApplyThe client and I will collaborate to identify solutions for the problem and determine the most effective approach. I am an independent broker, representing over 30 carriers. This affiliation grants me access to a comprehensive range of products, including but not confined to Whole Life, Term Life, Indexed Universal Life, Accidental Death, Juvenile, Final Expense, Infinite Banking, Tax-Free Retirement, and High-Yield Annuities.
4)EmpowerControlThis is the point where the process takes a different direction. Conventional agents, following the way they’ve been trained, usually shift into a ‘closing’ mode. There are countless books prescribing what to do next. Agents are instructed to seize control of the interaction and employ techniques to ‘Overcome Objections.’   However, I take a completely different approach. I’ve always felt uneasy when I start ‘overcoming objections.’ It tends to turn the exchange adversarial, with the agent attempting to invalidate the client’s feelings and thoughts, turning it into somewhat of a game.   You’ll notice that I emphasize the words ’empower’ for myself and ‘control’ for the client. This is where I transfer control of the interaction to the client. I am the only agent I know who follows this process. The predominant techniques used by everyone else, as per their training, involve the use of ‘Scripts’ and ‘Overcoming Objections.’ Personally, I much prefer a more natural and organic exchange with the client. Objections are meant to be discussed, not overcome, in a natural, not scripted way.

I very clearly communicate the following, at the very beginning of our engagement:
“This is an important decision and one not to be take lightly. This is your policy. It’s your money. It’s your life, your future and your inevitable death. What to do next is your decision, therefore, you have to be in control of this process, not me.”

This is where I let the client know that he/she is in control and I will support whatever he/she wants to do. “NO PRESSURE!”
5)SupportDecideThe last step in the process is to support whatever the client wants to do. It is the client’s decision, and the client needs to, if the client wants to, think about it for a few days, I will encourage it.  If they want to talk to their spouse first, “Yes”, I know that I would have to when making a decision like this.  If they want to obtain competing quotes, I’ll encourage it. Once they see other agent’s techniches they usually come back to me. Then, of course, if they want to process an application, I will quickly and efficiently take them through the process and diligently follow up with the carrier until the approval is communicated.
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