Why “Safe Zone”?

Your contact and personal information is never sold or resold.

  • You would be dealing with me only, no matter how our session ends.
  • No predatory agent calls.
  • Your information is safe in the Safe Zone.

No Pressure used in the Safe Zone.

  • No pressure to take on a policy before you are ready.
  • Many of you are hesitant to get quotes.
  • Many of you are fearful of pressure tactics and predatory agents.
  • NOT HERE at the Safe Zone
  • You and your information are SAFE.

Your commitment to me in the Safe Zone

  • There is a price for your safety.
  • Honest feedback
  • Being true to your word
  • If an appointment is made which you cannot keep you will let me know so we can reschedule. NO GHOSTING ALLOWED (Ghost-Free Zone).

I am an independent broker.

  • I represent over 30 carriers.
  • All plans and policy types available, Including, but not limited to, accidental death, term life, whole life, IULs, and annuities.
  • Territory is the entire United States
  • I offer plans for individuals, families, and businesses.
  • IUL’s are my specialization.

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