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Welcome to the Life Insurance Safe Zone (Https://LifeInsuranceSafeZone.com) // aka Life Insurance Safe Place (Https://LifeInsuranceSafePlace.com), where you can discover more About Us & Life Insurance Quotes without strings attached,

  • Safe from your information being sold,
  • Safe from being inundated by multiple sales agents,
  • Safe from high-pressure, predatory sales agents,
  • My process is customer-centric (I have established a “Life Insurance Safe Zone” 5-step Process.
  • Safe from half-truths. Our focus is on providing an education into the world of life insurance, in all its forms.
  • Safe from getting life insurance quotes with a string attached. I do not ask for commitments and I exert no pressure. All I ask is open communication, honest feedback, and being true to your word. I will NEVER pressure you to take on a policy that is not right for you, or if you are not ready, for whatever reason.

Life insurance might seem complicated at first, but don’t worry – we’re here to make it easier for you. Our mission is to explain the basic principles of each life insurance type in a clear and relaxed way, so you can understand it comfortably and at your own pace.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mel Kaye, your life insurance consultant. In addition to basic life insurance applications, I specialize in Succession Planning, Infinite Banking, Tax-Free Retirement, and High-Yield Annuities. Operating as an independent broker, I proudly represent more than 30 highly rated life insurance providers such as Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, John Hancock, Fidelity and Guaranty, Columbus Life plus many more. This affiliation grants me access to a comprehensive range of plans, including but not confined to Whole Life, Term Life, Indexed Universal Life, Accidental Death, Juvenile, Final Expense, Infinite Banking, Tax-Free Retirement, and High-Yield Annuities. I can offer policies from 14 days old (through the parents or grand parents) to 85 years old.

My main goal is to ensure you obtain the maximum life insurance coverage possible, all while staying within your budget. To achieve this, I pledge to assist you in discovering the ideal plan that perfectly suits your needs. An essential first step in this journey is to offer you a thorough understanding of life insurance. This way, any decision you make will be well-informed and based on careful consideration.

For a free consultation please let me know who you are by leaving your contact information. If you want to start with a life insurance quote, then go to the bottom of this page and complete the “Life Insurance Quote Request” form.

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The following information is needed to provide an accurate quote. You will not be inundated with calls and texts from multiple agents. The information you provide will not be sold, resold, or shared with anyone without your written permission.

You can also contact me directly at:

You will not be pressured into taking on a policy before you are ready.

Following is a more detailed form for the more detailed oriented. Neither of these forms will ever go outside of the Life Insurance Safe Zone. So, don’t worry about getting inundated with preditory calls.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Name of person to be insured
Gender at Birth?
Are you a Smoker?
How would you consider your state of health?
Name of the person making this request if different from insured.
GENERAL LIFE: What type of life insurance are you interested in? Choose all that apply:
BUSINESS LIFE: (If Applicable) What type of business related life insurance are you interested in? Choose all that apply:
Does the proposed insured currently have life insurance?

If you have more than one person you would like a quote on, please refresh the screen after each submission.

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