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Melissa Rivers – Origins of Peace, LLCCharlotte, NC

“Mel is a fantastic agent to work with. He takes the necessary time and effort to get your policy approved. I highly recommend Mel for all of your insurance needs.”

Jacqui Truby – Hanan Mutual, LLCFort Lauderdale, FL

“Mel is very knowledgeable about his product. His relaxed and friendly demeanor makes working with him smooth. I recommend Mel at Life Insurance Safe Zone to anyone in need of insurance services.”

Darlene Artist – Darlene The ArtistMount Gilead, NC

“Mel is easy to talk to and kindly went through a 9-year-old policy with me. He helped me understand it better and set my mind at ease.”

Heather Smith – ApexNexus Group

“Mel has a refreshing attitude about how he conducts himself. Providing you the information you need but in a SAFE ZONE with no pressure. “

Ray SensenigSensenig Coaching & Consulting

As a testament to the power of collaboration and dedication to peace of mind, I had the pleasure of teaming up with Mel to explore the realm of life insurance through the lens of Life Insurance Safe Zone. Our partnership delved into the intricacies of life protection, financial security, and the invaluable assurance that comes with safeguarding the future. From the onset, it was evident that Mel possessed a profound understanding of the significance of life insurance. Their insightful inquiries and genuine curiosity laid the foundation for a collaborative journey that would not only enrich our understanding but also foster a deeper appreciation for the importance of proactive financial planning. Thank you, Mel. Looking forward towards our journey together. We definitely recommend Mel for all your Life Insurance plans. “

Ron MayoStarfish

“Mel and I had an awesome conversation about the Insurance Industry. I love that he cares about his clients more than the commission.”

Brianna BergantimThe Legacy Paralegal, LLC.

“Mel really does create a safe zone when you speak with him. I felt very comfortable during our conversation, and the knowledge I left the conversation with is invaluable. Not only do I plan to work with Mel for my own personal insurance needs, but I am also recommending his services to my family and clients as well.”

Scott WilckenThunder Business Group

“Simple Knowledgeable insights to proper personal Insurance coverage!”

Matt PartrichGaines Capital Books

“Met with Mel today. He is so nice, knowledgeable, and in no way pushy. He gave me some great ideas on helping my clients through annuities and insurance products I did not even know existed. Thanks Mel!”

Jay Moolenaar – Sentient Sales Technology, LLCHighlands Ranch, CO

“Mel has a unique approach to selling life insurance leveraging his patience, intelligence and educational skills to come up with a customized life insurance solution that meets your needs. No pressure sales, just honesty. “

Jennifer Clark – Revolution Financial Management, Thousand Oaks, CA

“Mel is a man of integrity. he desires to do what is best for his clients. He seeks out the best solutions for his clients.”

Ruth Aldana-Ricketts – Ellsworth, WI

“Mel is a highly professional and experienced businessman! I enjoyed meeting Mel at a Smart Connect today! Thank you for a great meeting Mel!”

Carlos Castillo – Vidatech One, Woodbridge, NJ

“He is honest with his offerings and gives you time to make the best choice.”

Cherri Pedrioli – Cherri Pedrioli Relationship Marketing, Santa Rosa, CA

“Connect with Mel for a refreshing experience. He stands out as an authentic networker, prioritizing genuine conversations. Mel seamlessly blends knowledge and passion, sparking curiosity that will leave you eager to learn more about his endeavors.”

Shawn BarklowPromptings

“Met with Mel. WOW! How he handle his business is amazing! Looking for life insurance and you want a knowledgeable no pressure person, Mel is your guy. He will guide you through the process and then let’s you make the decision!!”

Michelle Ralls – Show Me Nourish

“I met Mel on a Smart Connect, and his approach to my Insurance needs have been genuine and honest. I’m not one who can receive whole life Insurance, but Mel has found a way for my family. I appreciate you Mel. “

Bradd Rice – Bradd’s Tax and Bookkeeping

“Mel’s not one of those hard sell insurance guys. He listens and asks questions about your goals and needs.”

Peter Rivera – Responsible Peptides LLC

“Mel has a unique style of his own when it comes to explaining life insurance. He’s a true friend with information to give, not some salesperson looking to build their numbers. When you think Life Insurance this Mel the Safe Zone guy!”

Karen Corbitt – Generational Story

“Mel is very knowledgeable in his field, is willing to go the extra mile to service to anyone across the country, and uses a no pressure informed approach to providing his clients with the best care possible.”

Alex CummingMiCamp Solutions, New York, NY

“Mel is the best! Great guy that is easy to work with and understands the industry very well. He delivers on his promises and is not ‘pushy’ toward his clients. 12/10 recommend Mel!”

Sheila BarnhartSend out Cards

“Personable, not pushy, great person to get information from…looking forward to our zoom meeting”;

Mike Vaccaro – Live Better Financial

Mel is an exceptional professional in the field of life insurance. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with him on multiple occasions, and his expertise and dedication are truly commendable. His Life Insurance Safe Zone embodies integrity and honesty, providing clients with valuable insights without any pushy sales tactics. Mel genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being and strives to ensure they make informed decisions for their future. I highly recommend Mel’s services to anyone seeking reliable and trustworthy life insurance solutions.

Erik Humphries – Consumer Computer Care

“Mr. Kaye actually wants to help save you money on life insurance. That’s a good thing.”

Stephanie Ahlschwede – The Claim Medics Inc.

“Mel Kaye has a great aura about him, he is very welcoming and easy to talk to. He helps make sure that you are well informed about your life insurance options through a caring, authentic, and honest approach, which is refreshing.”

Kelly Gerhardt

“Mel was someone that you could tell immediately that he was NOT pushy or salesy…someone who truly cares about his clients’ needs. “

Paul L Odendahl

“This is the power of meeting business individuals on Alignable. I was inspired by my time spent meeting Mel. Mel is a colleague in the insurance industry who clearly lives the motto, “Service Before Self.” He is an educator who cares for his clients best interest and cares for the interest of his community.”

Shonda Lavon Birdsong Michael

“Mel is ‘Heaven Sent’ in his line of work. He is very knowledgeable, and kind and listens to your needs. He is very transparent patient and funny. I am thankful for everything he has done for my family. Keep up the good work Mel and I am grateful for your help

Connie Perez – A Tender Touch Senior Placement

“Mel is one of the best agents I have ever met. He understood my needs and was able to find a policy that was very suitable. I have spoken to several agents and could not find what I found in Mel. Thank you for your service Mel!!”

Joe Gendron – Agile Coaching Strategies, LLC

“Had a great conversation with Mel in a SmartConnect, and it’s clear he has his clients’ best interests in mind. I’ll be adding him to my financial coaching trusted referral partner list.”

Earl Smith – Proactive Options

“Mel is a business owner who cares about your needs and will do all in his power to meet those needs.”

Wendy Byford – Gary Bauer, LLC – LegalShield / IDShield

I recently interviewed Mel Kaye for my YouTube channel. He was patient, knowledgeable, and had an obvious love for his work. He truly wants people to understand how using alternative vehicles can build wealth and help plan for business events like the death of a partner, retirement, and much more. “

Jennifer Drumm HALO Branded SolutionsCharlotte, NC

“After meeting Mel in a quick connect, we continued our conversation with a one-to-one. As Mel will tell you ‘You don’t know, what you don’t know’ about insurance. His passion and knowledge of the industry, and the products, will give you education to making the right decision on which direction to go with life insurance. He is friendly and mindful of client needs, combined with no-pressure conversations makes him the right place to go to for life insurance.”

Tom KavanaughNew Coaching Strategies

“Originally, I met Mel Kaye from The Kaye Agency (Life Insurance Safe Zone) at one of the first Alignable Alliance of Ventura Communities SPEED Networking events in Oxnard. Although you might assess Mel’s demeanor as unassuming, once you get him talking, you’re sure to be impressed with the depth of his knowledge in the financial services world as well as his immense passion for helping people understand just how they can become empowered when they learn all the concepts of how finances really work. That’s what Mel is all about… helping educate the masses on how to become empowered in taking control of their finances. Please allow me to highly recommend Mel’s counsel on financial education as he’s a wealth of knowledge!”

Nick Plasschaert – Channel Islands living

“I met Mel at a networking event. Mel explained in detail the life insurance world and it was eye-opening. Life insurance is way more than you would think and the ability to help you out while you’re alive is fantastic. Give Mel a call and he’ll explain it to you in detail!”

Jason Thomas / Big Sky Consulting

“Mel is both knowledgeable and friendly while making insurance something easy to understand. Glad I met him.”

Steve Pybrum – Canberra Company Tax Department

“Mel is a dedicated insurance professional who genuinely cares about his clients. Mel will work hard to match you with the right insurance product that will blend well into your financial planning and estate planning needs.”

Martha Smitha – Enhancing Homes and Lives

“I Met Mel through Alignable Networking and we also did an individual 1 to 1 call as well. He is very customer-focused with his service and I recommended him to my customers”

John Tuby – LegalShield IDShield

“Providing great asset development advice for individuals and families to help them grow financially now and into retirement. Mel provides solid guidance and tools for the benefit of his clients. “

Diana Pederson – Redox for Recovery

“Easy to talk with, knowledgeable, no pressure. Aims to inform/share relevant options so you can make an informed decision that best meets your goals. Has a great tax free retirement option that is definitely worth taking a look at.”

Gwen Cooper-More – Keller Williams

“Passionate about his profession & helping others… looking forward to doing business soon…”

Dave Walter – The Dave Walter Team

“He is knowledgeable and caring.”

Scott Koler – Tidal Wave Global Solutions LLC

“I had the pleasure of meeting Mel at a speed networking event. I found Mel to be very knowledgeable about the products and services of his business. I look forward to learning more about The Kaye Agency (aka Life Insurance Safe Zone). “

Bill Conley – Powur PBC Solar/Energy Storage/Roofing, Independent C…

“Mel has some very unique products that work in times of economic uncertainty. “

Adam J. Murphy – HiPrecision Virtual Assistants

Mel, I really appreciate the time you took to speak with me today! As a customer myself, I understand how important it is to feel heard and understood. Mel has been reassuring and supportive throughout the process, and even his website reflects this attitude with the tagline “Life Insurance Safe Zone!” If you’re looking for a stress-free and supportive environment to help you build your financial portfolio, I highly recommend Mel’s services!”


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