Guaranteed ADvantage Accidental Death Insurance Features


• 18-70


• $50,000 – $500,000 (increments of $1,000)

• Spouse coverage is 100 percent of the Proposed Insured coverage and child coverage is 20 percent of the Proposed Insured coverage.

• 24-hour all accident coverage

• Common Carrier Benefit: provides an additional death benefit equal to the base accidental death benefit

• Auto-Pedestrian Benefit: pays an additional 25 percent of the accidental death benefit


• Spouse is eligible if age 18-70 and may remain on the policy until age 80

• Unmarried dependent children under the age of 19, or age 23, if a full-time student at an accredited college or university

• Dependent child coverage ends at age 21 or 25 if a full-time student Dependent eligibility may vary by state


• Return of Premium Benefit* – Returns a percentage of premiums paid (minus any claims paid) when the policy terminates for any reason other than accidental death                               

• Issue Ages 18-50

• If applying for family coverage, both the Primary Insured and spouse must be age 50 and under at the time of application.

Guaranteed ADvantage Accidental Death Insurance Product and Application Information

• Guaranteed ADvantage is guaranteed issue for all clients that apply

• No health questions, medical exams, or occupational restrictions

• A Proposed Insured cannot have more than one Mutual of Omaha Accidental Death policy in force. If the client has more than one, they will need to decide which policy they would like to keep. AD riders on a life policy are not included in this restriction

• The Insured can have AD coverage through Mutual of Omaha and any other company

• A spouse cannot be added to the policy after issue. They will be required to apply for their own policy

• Newborn children and adopted children can be added to the policy after issue as long as they meet the policy’s eligibility requirements and provide the following written information:

• Dependent’s full name(s)

• Date of birth

• Relationship to the Insured

• The Primary Insured is the owner of the policy

• The Payor of premiums must be one of the Proposed Insureds

• Non-U.S. Citizens may be covered as long as they have a permanent resident card* (green card) and have resided in the country longer than one year

*Permanent Resident Card Number(s) must be listed on application

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